Proximity to His Presence
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2 Chronicles 5:14 so that the priests could not stand to minister because of the cloud, for the glory of the Lord filled the house of God

When His glory comes, something happens. It is not “business as usual.” The perception of our roles, functions, purposes and plans are all altered when His glory comes. The priests, on this day, had a role to play. They had a plan for how things would be ordered this day. They had a protocol which they would follow. They had a ministry to perform. But when the God we serve manifests in the midst of our service what we think we are fades into who He is. As we are overwhelmed with the sheer awe of Him, our order melts away and His order descends in that moment.

When God shows up, His mere presence demands a response. When the leader of a nation walks into a room, people rise to their feet in honor. The mere presence of that leader demands a response. So it is with this God who is the king of all leaders. Proximity to His presence will elicit a response!

The animate and inanimate alike respond to the manifest presence of God. Elements of nature react and respond. The sense and systems of humanity respond. What we could once do we can no longer do in His glory. What we could never dream of doing suddenly becomes no only possible, but plausible in His glory!

Approach this God through the cross of Jesus! This God is not merely a good idea, but a grand reality. Press through the idea of God into the reality of His presence and you will experience the fragrance of His presence: His glory.

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