Nature of the Cloud
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2 Chronicles 5:11-14

The cloud of God’s glory reveals something about His nature. One of the definitions for glory (Chabod) here is “copiousness”.  I just love that word! It’s not only fun to say, but it is fun to experience when you are in His presence! The New American Standard Hebrew-Aramaic Dictionary describes the Hebrew word for cloud here, as a cloud that covers the sky; a nimbus or thunder cloud.

This is not a thin wispy, wimpy cloud. This isn’t an innocuous fluffy cloud that baby angels float around while playing stringed instruments. This is a large, thick cloud. This is a cloud that is so dense it cannot contain itself. This is a cloud that is ready to burst with its own nature. This is a cloud that not only has the potential to produce precipitation, but will most assuredly produce rain!

This is like a thunder cloud. In the midst of this cloud you just might experience a micro-burst of His presence! This is a cloud that may produce a sound that is reminiscent of the sound of God walking in the garden of Eden in the cool of the day!

This cloud once fell upon a structure. Now this cloud indwells the spirit of those whom Jesus calls by name. This cloud can blow up in your life today! A rain producing, thunder booming, river flowing cloud of His presence contained only within the confines of your faith! Worship with the sound He’s given you and cultivate the cloud that He has put in you!

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