The Month of Elul: Psalm 27 Speaks!
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I am not a fan of long blog posts, but some things just require a bit of space to process. We have been in the month Elul. Now, I don't claim to be a Hebrew scholar by any stretch of the imagination, but I do believe it is critically important to pay attention to important traditions in Jewish culture. Connecting with the Jewish people has been in the heart of the Father from the inception of the plan of redemption and was Jesus' primary mission when He walked the earth. The month of Elul is the last month of the year on the Jewish calendar and leads up to the Jewish New Year and High Holy Days in September. It is a time of reflection and soul searching and a time of preparation for the new season. I find it interesting that, although it is not something that we actively observe in our culture, many naturally flow into this cycle as kingdom people this time of year. We launch new initiatives, new ministries, new home groups, new Sunday school curriculums and school years all toward the end of this time period. It is almost as if we collectively inhale as we survey what was and what is coming before we exhale and move into this new season of our lives. This is what I have found myself doing over the years, long before I had ever heard of Elul!

Reading Psalm 27 twice daily is common practice during this season of Elul. So I find myself meditating on this Psalm.

Psalm 27 :1
The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

I love this Psalm and I find it difficult to get past the first verse as it blows up in my spirit! When I read scripture and feel His breath on the words read, I tend to stop and dig deeper. I look back into the original language from which our translations come which offers deeper context to the words that are now breathing life into my spirit. Then I rewrite, from the context of the scripture, what I feel the Spirit speaking to me. Upon doing word studies on key words in this text I found the following definitions:

  • The Lord: YHWH - The eternal self existent one
  • My Light: Light, Light of the Sun, The Sunshine of the dawn that transitions our world from darkness to light, lightning - the sharp suddenly light that cracks the sky creating thunder
  • Salvation:  deliverance, rescue, safety, welfare
  • Fear: Fear, terror, awe, revere, respect,
  • Stronghold: an elevated place or means of safety, a refuge, fortress, protection
  • Life: to have a prosperous, bountiful, blessed favorable circumstance in life
  • Afraid:  Tremble, live in terror, to make tremble in fear, reverence, to make the heart beat fast

So upon meditating on this scripture for some time, I felt Holy Spirit impressing upon me the following words! This comes straight out of my personal journal:

Hey! I've had an encounter with the Lord God of Creation, my loving Father who is the self-existent and pre-existent and eternally existent one! The light of His countenance is like switching on a spot light in a pitch dark room! His light came upon me suddenly like lightning in the night sky in such a way that all things that were hidden in darkness are now revealed in light!

In that light I have found my salvation, I have found my safety, and my welfare is secure in Him. Now that the light of His face has consumed me, what can come against me that could possibly cause me to fear? He has lifted me up to a fortified place of safety and vision in Him. I am in my circumstances yet I am above them, with a 360 degree view of my life in the light of eternity. Suddenly, things don't seem that bad!

Not only do things not seem so bad, but the light of His countenance has shown down upon me as the gaze of a Father toward His son with the promise of a prosperous, bountiful, blessed and favorable circumstance of life in Him!

So, really, whom shall I fear? I have encountered the One who is above all else! There is nothing else in life or death that will create a greater sense of awe than the One I now know! I have encountered the thunders and lightnings of the Father! I have seen and heard the sound of my Father walking in the garden in the cool of the day. There is no greater power, no greater being, no greater light that can ever enter my life from this day forward that would cause me to have such a feeling of awe and reverence or fear of any kind because I have encountered the name above all names, the God above all gods and the King over all rulers, authorities, principalities and powers! And I have encountered Jesus, the lover of my soul, and there is no other lover that will make my heart beat faster than this Bridegroom who is jealous for His bride!

Holy Spirit, reveal the Son! I want to know you more!


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