Hunger and Sufficiency
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I sometimes delay in posting blogs because I really want to wait until I feel like I have something really profound or theologically deep to say. I don't often actually feel that way, but I often ponder the things of the Spirit and His word. I just tend to think quietly and share bits and pieces along the way. Lately I have been pondering the depth of my hunger for Jesus and the all encompassing sufficiency of His grace and mercy to meet me where I am.

It's just that it seems like there are always so many "camps" around the same God. In this age of social media and "bumper sticker" quotes containing shades of theological or doctrinal truths we tend to think that we can express the nature of an infinite God in 140 characters or less. I so often see someone posting a status about God starting with the phrase "It's all about...<insert partial theological truth here>".  Well, in Him, it's not all about anything in particular. He is infinite! It's all about everything, or at least so many things, because in Him all things consist!  But, this is a bunny trail or a blog for another time.

The point of this current spiritual musing is the relationship of hunger and sufficiency. If we are to be content in every situation how does our hunger for more of God fit into that equation. Well, first, that contentment that Paul speaks of (look it up, you can find it! I have faith in you) is a totally different matter altogether if you look at it in context. Then, we know that His grace is sufficient. Sufficient for what? His grace is sufficient to glorify Himself in my deepest areas of lack!

You can't be sufficed in something you don't hunger for. Faith begins not in identifying our strengths but in understanding and operating out of our lack! Faith begins when we step out and allow Him to come and reveal Himself at the point of of our weakness! If you are not hungry then there will be no need to feed you. Hunger is always the precedent for satisfaction!

Understanding the impossibility of our capability makes way for His ability to fully manifest in our lives. He will satisfy you at the point of your hunger. He will strengthen you at the point of your weakness. He will fill you at the point of your lack! This is the God we serve and this is the demonstration of His heart for those who are His kids! I am so thankful that the Father doesn't see me as I was yesterday. He doesn't even see me as I was two hours ago. He sees me through the lense of His Son who forever makes intercession for us and prophesies our very destiny before the Father!

So it's not all about how hungry we are for God. And it's not all about how sufficient He is. But it's all about all of it. Our hunger for God allows Him to fully demonstrate His sufficiency for mankind. "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven...Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied." You be hungry. Then watch God be God!

Scriptures to meditate on: Matthew 5, 2 Corinthians 3:4-6,  2 Kings 2:1-14  and many many more!

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