Fresh Thoughts From The Cross (Part 1)
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God has always been in the business of separating light from darkness!  

I have read this passage more times than I can count. Last week I read this passage again several times leading up to our Good Friday gathering at The Bridge Metrowest. Four fresh thoughts popped in my head as I read the story of the cross again! Here is the first of four:

Luke 23:44-49 (The Passion Translation)

It was now only midday yet the whole world became dark for three hours as the light of the sun faded away! Then suddenly in the temple, the thick veil hanging in the Holy Place was ripped in two! Then Jesus cried out with a loud voice—“Father, I surrender My Spirit into Your hands!” And He took His last breath and died. When the Roman captain overseeing the crucifixion witnessed all that took place, he was awestruck and began to glorify God! Acknowledging what they had done, he said, “I have no doubt; we just killed the Righteous One!” And the crowds that had gathered to observe this spectacle went back to their homes overcome with deep sorrow, and were totally devastated by what they had witnessed! But standing off at a distance were some who truly knew Jesus and the women who had followed Him all the way from Galilee were keeping vigil. 

God has always been in the business of separating light from darkness!     

In Genesis 3:3 God separated light from darkness in creation. In Exodus 10 God separated darkness from light between His people, Israel, and the Egyptians. And here we are in Luke 23. As the life of the Son began to ebb from Jesus’ body, the light of the sun began to fade from the earth. 

But at the same time, the good news of the gospel begins to manifest in supernatural ways! There was a veil that was hung in the temple. This was a metaphorical and even literal separation between His light and the darkness that came upon the earth through sin. Sin can not stand in the presence of a Holy God. Even though this veil was constructed because of the Word of the Lord there is something to consider: Every veil that was ever constructed to separate God from man was constructed by the hands of man. From the beginning God desired intimacy, but because of sin, we required separation. But on this day, the sacrifice of One negated the need for man to hide from the glory of God. The veil that was constructed by the hands of man was torn from top to bottom by the hand of God! This light that was kept from darkness was now light spilling into the darkness!

Therefore, where God had demonstrated the separation of light from darkness through one covenant, He now demonstrates the invasion of light into darkness through a new covenant! The light and the darkness can’t dance in the same space. Light displaces darkness. Therefore, as Adam and Eve were called to expand the dominion of the Garden of Eden, the Garden of Delight, around the earth, we are called to expand the dominion of the Kingdom of God across the earth. So, I choose to declare with Holy Spirit, “let there be light” and allow Christ in me, the hope of glory, to chase away the darkness!

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