A Forever-Love
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Jeremiah 31:3

I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have drawn you with lovingkindness

The love of the Father is not contingent on circumstances. The love of the Father is not fleeting. From creation, God fixed His eyes on the hearts of mankind and has never shifted His gaze since. The Father’s love is not a passing fancy. His love is not based on a carnal appetite that can be satiated. His love is everlasting and this love compels Him to reach out in a way that we will willingly respond and come to Him.

Every thought leading to the one true God and every thought coming from the one true God passes through the filter of the reality of these words. All too often, however, our finite nature causes our mind to confine God and His love to our limited understanding which is based on our own experiences. True theology is developed solely from His nature and is not shaded by unmet expectations that were never birthed from His heart. Martin Luther said, “Your thoughts of God have become too human.” He is not limited to human existence. His moods do not shift according to circumstance. His heart is to receive you always, not reject you. Those who search for Him will find Him. God wants to be known as Father! Jesus is pathway to that Father-heart of God. Throughout history the Father has used every sign and wonder, every method of discipline and encouragement, every display of His might and His mercy in order to cause us to see His heart.

And then we see John 3:16:

For God so loved the world that He gave…


This Father is the stuff of dreams! He is the Father of dreams! He sees your ultimate potential as a present, possible reality. When you turn to face Him, just for a moment, He does what He has always done from the beginning. Genesis 1:28: “He blessed them.” His love is a forever-love! His love never fails.

So, close your eyes. Turn the eyes of your heart toward Jesus. Let Him lead you to the Father and allow your heart to feel the blessing of His everlasting love through the release of His Holy Spirit. Good. All the time.

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